Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Make the most of your military moves with the accessories that you display throughout your home. Accessories are a great way to show off the places you have traveled to and lived. They don't only add a great personalized touch to your home but they are great conversation starters. Accessories, artwork, photography, and trinkets allow you to remember family trips and moves in a unique way.

Here are a few fun ways to tell your family story through accessories...

Customized Washington DC Pillow from Christin Morgan's Etsy shop.  Visit Christina's Etsy shop to get a custom pillow from your state or country.

Ikat- Southwestern Prints from Pixie Pixels Etsy Shop.  Visit Pixie Pixels Etsy Shop to order your own prints.
Copyright Pixie Pixels 2012.
Georgia Water Color Artwork from Katie Daisy's Esty Shop.  Visit her Etsy shop to get your own or one like it from your state. 
Copyright Katie - Daisy 2012

Texas style accessory- Cow skull and Vintage Dutch shoes from Joanne's Etsy Shop

Thailand Photography from Kallie Brynn Photography.  You can purchase a print from her here. 
Copyright Kallie Brynn Photography 2012.

Driftwood wreath from MaderaDelMar Etsy Shop.  Click on the highlighted link to order a driftwood wreath.

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