Monday, March 19, 2012


A few weeks ago I got to go on a FIELD TRIP for work.  There were no school buses or bagged lunches but I did get to tour a factory and my parent's were there as chaperone's.  Actually, they were kind of my clients too.  They are building their own home right now (check it out here) and were in search of authentic, old hardwood floors so we took a trip to Locust Grove, GA (just outside Atlanta) and toured the Authentic Pine Floors warehouse and showroom. 

The majority of their flooring is reclaimed from old barns, distilleries, etc.  They also mill 'new' wood but everything is milled, stained and sold from their location in Georgia.  A very rare thing in any industry these days. 

Staining process.
 You can buy the  wood pre-finished or unfinished and have it stained once it has been installed.  Above is some planks drying between layers of staining. 

The possibilities are endless at this place.  They will distress or handscrape the wood for a more rustic look and there are several different stain options.  They also have planks up to 12 inches wide which are really cool looking and hard to come by in the flooring industry.  (Standard widths range from 3-5 inches).  No, I am not getting paid for advertising, I just really fell in love with how beautiful there flooring is. 

Here is some of the flooring displayed in Authentic Pine Floors beautiful showroom.
How fun is this Ping Pong table!

Just wanted to give you a better perspective of how big each beam is. 

Super windy that day!
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