Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nana and Papa's House

Work in Progress:
My parents, aka Nana and Papa (they have 10 grand kids) are custom home contractors in beautiful Tampa, FL.  They have been building homes for over 30 years and are currently working on their own "retirement" home.  Knowing my dad, they will probably never actually retire but for now the plan is to move into this house and stay.  

As their daughter and an interior designer, I am putting in my two cents along the way.  I will keep you updated on some of the AMAZING touches they add and some of the design elements that I have a hand in creating.  I am most excited about the details that they are adding for their 10 current and future grand kids.  

 This is where they are at so far.  I love the wrap around porch!! They already have rocking chairs and a swing ready.  
The brick is all reclaimed and has such a great 'old' look.
This classic hanging lantern will be right over the front door with matching post lights on either side of the entry stairs.  From:Capital Lighting

Interior details coming soon...

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