Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Spectacular Small Space- Part 1

I may be the only official interior designer in the family but decorating is a family wide addiction.  My oldest sister, Valerie has taken design to an impressive level.  She lives with 3 1/2 boys, a 4 year old, 2 year old and a 33 year old (her husband), and another baby boy in her belly and she still manages to keep an organized and beautiful home with plenty of girly touches.  The most amazing part is that she keeps it all neatly organized and displayed in their tiny 2 bedroom apartment.  Valerie is also a moving expert, they are getting ready for their 9th move in 7 years so she snapped a few photos to share with you before the tear down begins.  I can't wait for her to share her moving tips and show you how she transforms her furniture and accessories from one space to another.  In the mean time, here are a few photos of their current Master Bedroom...     
Bedding from Pottery Barn, Furniture from Thomasville, Artwork from Etsy.

You can pick up a few tips from Val's small space living from the picture above.  First off, stay away from King size beds, they eat up so much space and if you move often they may fit in your current home but probably won't in fit in a home down the road.  Symmetrical isn't always practical.  The smaller night stand on one side frees up some floor space and lets be honest, guys don't need as much storage anyway.  She continued the asymmetrical look with the lamps and accessories on the nightstand.  Fit storage wherever you can!  The larger nightstand has tons of storage space and don't forget about under the bed storage options.  Under the bed is a great place to store the extra leaf from the dining room table, heavier bedding for the winter months, shoes, craft supplies etc, etc.  Just make sure to have items organized in bins or storage bags to keep them easily accessible.  

Valerie is also a former military wife, her husband has since finished his military career but his new job still takes them to exciting new places every few years.  During their travels, they have collected some really amazing pieces and love to mix their travel trinkets into their decor.  In a small space, every inch counts so I love how they incorporated their TV into their book shelves and also use the shelving to display their favorite pieces.    

Check back for more rooms from Valerie's current home, her moving tips and her 9th home in 7 years.  
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