Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pinterest Project

My sweet cousin Rachel just moved into her first post-college home and like the rest of us is addicted to Pinterest!  I know I have a long list of future projects but she has actually gotten started accomplishing hers.  Here is her adorable version of a popular Pinterest project...  

Here is Rachel's simple how to...

"So it is really simple... I just bought a piece of wood from Lowe's and had them cut it to 18 inches.  I spray painted it black.  I also bought 2 dresser drawer knobs, a hook and a pipe clamp from the bathroom section at Lowe's.  I drilled a hole for the knobs, tightened the clamp around the jar and hot glued it onto the wood. Then I just put some rocks and fake flowers as decor.  (these can be found at Walmart, the Dollar Store or any craft store).  Really simple and not too time consuming!"

What a seriously simple project.  She has it hanging by her front door and uses it for keys, puppy leash, jackets etc. but it would also be precious in a bathroom for towels and robes or a kitchen for aprons.  You could customize the colors and knobs to fit your decor and even change out the flowers seasonally.  If you wanted to use fresh flowers I would suggest attaching the pipe clamp with a screw to the board because the water would add to the weight and hot glue may not hold up.  You may have to screw the clamp in before tightening it around the jar.  

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