Thursday, June 4, 2015

Family Restaurant Re-Do: Chef Buddy's

  A while back, my cousins made the brave decision to purchase a little local American Italian Deli and sandwich shop when the original owner's retired.  On top of that, they moved the whole thing to a brand new location!  Since it was a hometown favorite, they decided to keep as much of the original feel as possible.  This meant not only keeping all the favorite menu items and family friendly atmosphere but also repurposing a lot of the original design elements in a fresh new way.
I have worked on several small restaurant projects in the past so I was more than happy to give a few tips to my AMAZING cousins Holly and Josh and help reassure them on their great design choices.

They put in a ton of work and they did an incredible job creating a clean, fun and inviting deli that continues to be a local favorite.

The outside of the building was a bit rough when they bought the place so they chose some classic and professional looking paint colors to clean it up and give it a crisp backdrop for their restaurant sign and logo.  The building is in the adorable downtown area and now stands out to anyone passing by.  Too many great restaurants scare customers away because they don't have the right curb appeal.  

 The original location had black and white tile floors so they decided to keep with that tradition and emphasize it a bit more with this large scale, stained concrete in a checkered pattern.  They even did their research and chose yellow and gray for the walls because they give a clean and fresh feel while the red accents help trigger your appetite.  Although, I think they also just liked the way they all went together.  
 Throughout the space, they re-used several major elements from the original restaurant.  This not only helped them with their budget but also helped the regular and long time customers feel at home and know that they were still dining at Chef Buddy's.  
 Bright, clean and fresh are all important factors for any restaurant but especially for a deli.  Less is more when it comes to restaurant decor.  There are way too many things to keep up with when running a restaurant as it is, no need to add extensive dusting to the list.  The live plants used throughout the space not only add color and clean the air but they also represent a personal touch since Holly's family runs a local plant nursery as well.
 I love that they re-used these menu boards from the original Chef Buddy's location.  

 Efficient and comfortable seating. 

The Chef Buddy story wall reminds the customers and the new owners that while the space is new there is a lot of history behind this great restaurant. 

Not to be forgotten, they continued with the clean attention to detail in the back of house and bathrooms.  Can you tell they are parents?  I love the great changing table area that they created.

 Such a professional looking space, inside and out.  From the functional and great looking displays to the perfect blend of professional printed and hand written signage, they didn't miss any detail or opportunity to really utilize the space.  Chef Buddy's is clearly a loved local spot that lets customers know they are in for a delicious meal before they even place their order.  Oh, and the food is pretty awesome too!

 If you find yourself in beautiful Lake Placid, Florida be sure to stop by Chef Buddy's at 381 E. Interlake Blvd.  for a delicious meal, great service and an amazing atmosphere.  
(And tell Josh and Holly that their cousin Melanie sent you.) 

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